Terms and Conditions:


Rental Agreement:

We require rental customers to present a valid credit card so that all payments are made by automatic deduction. We only accept cash, check, or debit card from customers willing to pay for six months up front or present a $100 security deposit. When prepaying for at least six months we offer a one month discount (and a two month discount for prepaying for a year). If instruments are returned prior to the expiration of the prepaid period, we will simply refund the difference. However, we do not offer partial month refunds. Contracts can be cancelled at any time by returning the instrument. Our patrons are responsible for all damages to the instrument while it is under their care (see Rental Insurance below).

 Families renting more than two instruments will receive a 50% discount on the third rental. The fourth instrument is free.

Rental Insurance:

We offer rental insurance on our instruments, which covers 70% of all breakage/damage. Insurance is $3/month for violins and violas, $5/month for cellos, and $7/month for basses.  Insurance does NOT cover loss or theft.  If a string is old or worn, we cover the replacement cost regardless of whether the customer has insurance or not.  We do not hold customers responsible for small nicks or reasonable wear and tear.


Rental Credit:

Violins & More of Lynchburg will credit 40% of paid rental fees (not including insurance and tax) towards the purchase price of any rental instrument outfit or higher quality instrument.  Rental credit may be used to pay up to 50% of the rental outfit or upper level instrument. Rental credit must be used within six months of returning the rental instrument. Rental credit only applies towards the class of instrument rented (Ex: violin to violin, but not cello to violin).